Lily Kai, Petaluma…yuMMMMM!


Are you looking for a Chinese restaurant with good food, a friendly staff, and a baby-friendly atmosphere?  Then Lily Kai is the place to go for lunch or dinner!

Located in a small complex off Lakeville Hwy, about a 10-minute drive east of Hwy 101, Lily Kai has the best Chinese food we’ve had to date in Sonoma County.  The service is surprisingly fast, even during a busy lunchtime rush.  The servers seem naturally friendly, tending to your needs with a smile.  The restaurant has plenty of high chairs and boosters, which assured me that they are willing and prepared to cater to families.  And they’ve even surprised Bpoo with a complimentary small portion of noodles or rice soup, which she happily gobbles up!

I absolutely love their chicken curry.  Bethypoo loves her noodles, either steamed or stir-fried.

After your meal, you can take your little one for a walk along a short path nearby that runs parallel with Adobe Creek, full of trees and singing birds.  Or, have a hot chocolate at the Starbucks just a few doors down.  Overall, your experience will be a pleasant one.

Bottom line…yuMMMMM!

Food:  yuMMMMM

Service:  yuMMMMM

Baby-Friendly:  yuMMMMM

(1-2 Ms:  Terrible!  3-4 Ms:  OK  5+ Ms:  Excellent!)

Lily Kai, 3100 Lakeville Hwy  Petaluma, CA 94954

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