Shree, Petaluma…yuMMMMM!


One word describes this Indian restaurant, located in Petaluma’s Historical Downtown:  AWESOME!  Leaving London also meant leaving some of the best Indian restaurants around, and finding a suitable replacement in Sonoma County, at first, seemed a bit of a challenge.

We found this restaurant completely by chance.  Frustrated at driving in circles in search of a parking space on a Friday night, we discovered Shree on one of our loops and vowed to return again to check it out!

The three of us came back the next evening and were greeted by a jolly server, who immediately seated us and provided Bpoo with a high chair.  The menu had many of the typical Indian favorites, and so we ordered ours: vegetable samosas, chicken saag, chicken tikka masala, chicken curry, and plain naan.

We were not disappointed!  The food reminded us of our favorite Indian restaurant in southeast London, a small place called Dar Jeeling, in Lewisham.  The dishes were excellent, the naan soft and fluffy, and even Bpoo seemed happy with her tiny portion!  “Mah, mah,” which translates to “more, more!”

We left the restaurant completely happy with the visit, and have brought friends and family back either for dinner or for their lunchtime buffet, which offers a wide variety of dishes, all you can eat!

Shree has become our family favorite, with their excellent customer service, great food, and a baby-friendly atmosphere.  Bottom line…yuMMMMM!

Service:  yuMMMM

Food:  yuMMMMM

Baby Friendly:  yuMMMMM

(1-2 M’s: Terrible  3-4 M’s: OK  5+ M’s: Excellent!)

Shree, 220 Western Ave, Petaluma 94952

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