“I Hear it’s Sunny in the Haight!”

San Francisco, Baby! is one of Bethypoo’s favorite books. With text by Chronicle Books and illustrated by Ward Jenkins, it describes the day trip of a young girl and her dad to some of San Francisco’s popular spots. Bethypoo’s favorite landmark in this book so far is the Golden Gate Bridge, and she has shrieked with excitement the last few times we’ve crossed it. Her favorite passage in this book is:

“Where to next?  I just can’t wait! I hear it’s sunny in The Haight!”

130701_002So that’s where we decided to take her one sunny weekend! And we all enjoyed being the tourists!


IMG_7764Walking down the street itself is a blast, and Bethypoo seemed to enjoy the color surrounding her.


IMG_7766At times, it was hard to keep up with her!


IMG_7767Bethypoo enjoyed window shopping and browsing through some of the shops.



IMG_7779But I think the highlight of the morning was our Banana, Nutella and Whip Cream crepe from Crepe Express.  Thankfully Bethypoo wasn’t too interested in it, which meant more for Mummy and Dada!


IMG_7789With Mummy’s sister and and bro-in-law in town from New York City, we decided to pick them up from Millbrae and take them to their hotel, the Hyatt Regency located near the Embarcadero…and on a street closed to traffic due to the SF Pride Parade! Thankfully Bethypoo was in her good-spirits mode, and the half mile journey lasting 60 minutes seemed to go by quickly.

IMG_7814Bethypoo was amazed at the elevators zipping up and down their tracks.

IMG_7821She tried to say Hello to the people below, but either they weren’t interested, or she just wasn’t screaming loud enough!IMG_7826Too bad the pigeons didn’t fly into the room.

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