Petaluma Strollin’ with Bethypoo!

“Put a lid on it already!”

With Bethany feeling under the weather (likely from seasonal allergies, which are killing me at the moment), we decided to skip the usual morning jog and instead strapped her in the Quinny stroller for a walk through central Petaluma.

Where in the world is Petaluma?

It’s a small California suburb of around fifty thousand people, located about 45 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge along Highway 101.  The historic downtown has a variety of restaurants, antique shops and boutiques housed in late 19th and early 20th century architecture.  Bethypoo wasn’t particularly interested in the buildings or shops, not with all the flowers, dogs and pinwheels along the way to amuse her!

IMG_7321Bpoo is not picking her nose!


IMG_7322Bovine Bakery, a tasty place to be!


IMG_7323Two little piggies begging to be brought home.


IMG_7324The owner of Little Luma, a children’s boutique, brightened Bpoo’s day with a camel sticker!


IMG_7320A Coca-Cola billboard.


IMG_4218Built in 1904, this building is now a museum.


IMG_7328Bethypoo is clearly not amused by my commentary.


IMG_7326This water fountain, erected in 1891 by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, has an inscription that reads, “Total abstinence is the way to handle the alcohol problem.”


IMG_7330A tribute to Bill Soberanes.  The plaque reads, “Argus courier columnist and peopleologist.  Petaluma’s number one booster, founder of the World Wrist Wrestling Championship and numerous other events.  Trade Mark – he’s been photographed with more famous, infamous, usual and unusual people than anyone in the world.  He’s the world’s number one people meeter.”


IMG_7335Looking west down Kentucky Street.


IMG_7339A monument at Penry Park, dedicated to Sergeant Richard A. Penry, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.


IMG_7336The monument dedicated to Sergeant Penry, at Penry Park.


IMG_7340I’ve grown to love my wife’s diaper bag.  This Storksak is handy and lightweight!


IMG_7349Seeing this parked car gave me a “Back to the Future” moment.


IMG_7346Thought I was in London for a brief moment when I looked up this building.


IMG_7342American Alley, 38.2°N, 122.6°W.


IMG_7341Come to Velasco’s for the Two Rock Burrito, southern California’s version of the California Burrito.


IMG_7350Poor baby was pooped after our walk!


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