Kenilworth Castle, UK: Bethypoo’s First Road Trip!

Kenilworth Castle

Barely six weeks out of the womb, Bpoo was already on the road, headed to her first tour of a real castle!  One of the great things about living in England is being surrounded by its history, and we were excited about introducing her to some of it.

Named for the small village nearby, Kenilworth Castle is located in Warwickshire, England.  It’s about 115 miles from our residence in London, which, on the traffic-filled British roads, could be a 3-5 hour trip.  Plus, with the stops we might need to make for Bethypoo’s feeding and diaper changes, who knows how long the drive could take?

I booked a night at the Holiday Inn Express in Kenilworth, and with the weather forecast calling for cloudy but warm temperatures, I couldn’t wait for the weekend getaway!

Bethypoo decided to pack the most items, and wanted all her books, stuffed animals, towels, extra clothes, blankets, diapers, “Sleepyhead” and humidifier in one suitcase.  While carrying her heavy suitcase down the stairs for loading into the car, I wondered if she was already deciding to leave home for college!  Of course, Bpoo just wanted to be prepared, as this would be her first night away from the comfort and security of her own crib.

After five and a half hours of driving, we reached Kenilworth.  At the hotel, Bpoo was an angel throughout the night despite the new surroundings, and by morning we were rested and ready.  Her massive suitcase, I noticed, remained unopened throughout the whole trip.

According to the English Heritage website, Kenilworth Castle’s construction first began in the early 12th century, and had continuous additions or improvements until the 17th century.  The main garden was created in the 1500s to impress the visiting queen, Elizabeth I.  I could only imagine how grand this castle must have been during the height of its glory, and even Bethypoo was amazed…until she fell asleep about 15 minutes later.

The return trip to London was just as long as the drive to Kenilworth, with all the necessary stops along the way.  Overall, this was a short, pleasant getaway, and Bethypoo really seemed to enjoy herself.  Also, Mummy and I learned our first lesson on traveling with a baby:  It IS possible to pack way too much!

Sign posts, to help us find our way.

Sign posts, to help us find our way.

Castle ruins...

Castle ruins…

More castle ruins...

More castle ruins…

Even more castle ruins...

Even more castle ruins…


15 minutes into the tour, she's out!

15 minutes into the tour, she’s out!

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