Baby Carriers: BabyBjorn Active vs Beco Gemini

Leaning back in the Gemini

I’ve used both the BabyBjorn Active and the Beco Gemini, and my biggest regret was not learning about the Gemini sooner!

The BabyBjorn Active was a spur-of-the-moment purchase from a popular drug store in London, and initially it was perfect for carrying Bpoo.  But after Bpoo gained a few pounds, I noticed slight pain in my back after using the carrier for an extended amount of time, despite the extra lumbar support strap featured in this model.  I felt I was wasting too much time and effort in adjusting the different straps to find a comfortable position, and I found this very frustrating.  I don’t think Bpoo was a fan herself.  On one occasion, the poor baby was drenched in sweat after taking her out of it, despite the weather being only around 70 degrees.

I was willing to live with the BabyBjorn for a few more months because I knew Bpoo would soon outgrow it, but luckily I forgot the BabyBjorn in a friend’s car in San Diego while on vacation, and returned to London without it.  Bpoo must’ve been happy I ditched the thing as well!

A baby carrier was still a necessity for our lifestyle, and this time I would be more careful with the model I choose.  After pouring through tons of websites, reviews, blogs, and other sources on the internet, I felt more confused than ever.  Wraps?  Slings?  Crotch danglers?  Soft-structure carriers?  I even found a site with mothers absolutely upset, on the verge of confrontational, that any parent would dare use a certain type of carrier over another!  Sheesh.

Eventually, I knew what I was looking for:  a soft-structured carrier with a forward-facing option that would not destroy my back.  The Beco Gemini caught my attention for the mostly positive reviews it received, and after viewing a demonstration of its use on YouTube, I was sold!

When wearing the Gemini, the bulk of the child’s weight is centered on the waist/hips instead of the shoulders, relieving the lower back of strain.  After carrying Bpoo in it for the first time, I couldn’t believe how comfortable it felt!  I was even able to carry Bpoo in the Gemini for several hours while touring New York City, walking up and down stairs, riding the subway, or standing in long lines for the tourist attractions.  The little baby even napped a few times in it!

I mainly used the Gemini in the rear-facing or forward facing position, but it can also be used in a side-carry or back-carry mode as well.  And unlike the BabyBjorn, the Gemini can be rolled up and stowed away conveniently, while the BabyBjorn Active is composed of two separate pieces that cannot easily be folded.

I know of many parents who are happy with their BabyBjorn.  But based on my experience, the Gemini is my top choice, and one that I recommend for carrying a baby.

BabyBjorn Active with Bpoo in the rear-facing position

BabyBjorn Active with Bpoo in the rear-facing position

Forward-facing position

Forward-facing position

Bpoo in the Beco Gemini

Bpoo in the Beco Gemini

Bpoo in the Beco Gemini

Bpoo in the Beco Gemini

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